Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting  January 10, 2018
•  Posted on  February 8, 2019  

Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting  January 10, 2018


Location: CMG BOARD ROOM, 311 Adelaide Street

10 am- 6:00 pm

PRESENT: Naomi Robinson, Wendy Walker, Brent Cousland, Matt Guerin, Jennifer Clibbon, Vish Gajadhar, Lorne Szatmary, Krista Jolliffe, Thomas Cramer, Tony Germin, Joe Fiorino


Absent: Sophie Hautcoeur, Kevin Keigher


Motion to adopt meeting agenda January 10, 2018:

Moved: Lorne Szatmary

Seconded: Thomas Cramer

Motion Passes unanimously


Report of the President-Naomi Robinson

-bulletin board update, New Year’s resolutions

-Port Credit retreat report

-news members meeting update


Motion: whereas the LEC finds that resolutions to problems are taking excessively long time periods to address; be it resolved that the LEC send a communication to Monique Marcotte (and cc IR) requesting that the delays are addressed.


Moved: Tony Germin

Seconded: Wendy Walker

Motion Passes unanimously


Vice President’s Report-Tony Germin


Secretary’s Report – Jennifer Clibbon


Treasurer’s Report-Matt Guerin

-Xmas party was over budget & plans to mitigate for 2018 party.


New Business

Motion: Whereas the LEC sees many members suffer stress and anxiety, be it resolved that the LEC undertake to vet several companies that offer stress and anxiety training in an effort to provide said training to members.

Moved: Tony Germin

Seconded: Brent Cousland

Motion passes


Upcoming events:  

-May day cookies, pizza lunch, weekend shift lunch

-bargaining is upcoming


Other Business


Health and Safety, Brent Cousland

Education and Mobilisation Kevin Keigher, absent

New Members-Thomas Cramer/ new meetings of temps

SRC-Sophie Hautcoeur-not present

Care Committee-sympathy card for Peter Chin’s family

Human Rights, Equity and Diversity-Vish Gajadhar

Job Transformation –Wendy Walker

Communication-Joe Fiorino


CMG Report –Kam Rao

-C-27 update

-CBC Board of Directors

-CMG Annual Convention


Chief Stewards Updates

Brent Cousland

Lorne Szatmary  

Krista Jolliffe


Next Meeting to be held in CMG buildingFebruary 1st 2018


Motion to adjourn

Moved:Thomas Cramer

Seconded: Krista Jolliffe

Motion passes unanimously


Meeting ends at 6 pm