Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting – January 9, 2019
•  Posted on  February 10, 2019  

Toronto LEC Meeting Minutes: Wed. Jan. 9, 2019


Location: CBC Conference Centre, Room D, 10am-5:30pm



Naomi Robinson

Wendy Walker (stepped out at break)

Lynne Chichakian

Ines Colabrese

Thomas Cramer

Brent Cousland

Lorne Szatmary

Vishnu Gajadhar

Matt Guerin

Krista Jolliffe

Karen Tiveron

Stéphany Laperrière

Joe Fiorino (joined @10:30)


  1. Introductions


  1. Adopt meeting agenda:

Moved: VG

Seconded: TC

Motion passes unanimously


  1. Swearing in Oath of Office


-NR distributes Guild Statement of Principles on Human Rights

-WW suggests Code of Conduct/protocols/guidelines for committee members

-ad-hoc sub-committee will work on guidelines for local joint committee protocol (WW and NR)


  1. Reports:


  1. a) President (NR):

-new office on 6th floor

-bargaining update: on schedule. Solidarity and outreach on the floor important.

-members will need access to the full tentative agreement, not just bullet points, before vote

-intent to have new agreement ready for around end of Feb.

-need better connections with other Toronto CMG branches (networking), or even other unions within CBC (eg. APS); how to make that easier to do?

-LJEC – one recent layoff

-LJC – talks in conjunction with Health and Safety re:shower room lockers (6th, B3): are these bathrooms part of bathroom renovations, and if so, will notice be given on when the lockers will be cleared out, and who will assign lockers in the future?

-Temp committee: working on monthly member list

-posted schedules: still issues in some depts.

-PMSD: rollout of new cycle in September; confusion with new form

-Care Committee: (MG) – VG to join. Design a personalized CMG Toronto card?

-Corporate Steering Committee: meeting with new president in December, who is looking for new sources of funding. NR has invited her to walk the floor in Toronto.


  1. b) Treasurer (MG):

-update on current bank balances and on Holiday Party expenses.

-LEC clawbacks – we need easier way to document and keep track, will work with CMG National on this this year.

-MG to have 2018 report and draft budget for 2019 to vote on at next LEC meeting


  1. c) Vice-President (WW):

-National Joint Employment committee: no action

-JE subcommittee: no action

-Temp committee: WW is replacing Tony Germin as co-chair, MG is new alternate (replacing WW); last meeting was in December 2018.


  • Motion that for the next 2 months, or until the 2019 LEC budget is passed, the Temp Committee will have 5 extra release days each month, to prep and research Temp Committee files


Moved: WW

Seconded: BC

    Motion passes unanimously


  1. d) Secretary: N/A


Lunch 1:15-2


  1. Agenda item added by NR: adoption of November 2018 meeting minutes

Moved: KJ

Seconded: LS

3 absentions


  1. Photos taken for new LEC members


  1. Old Business (NR):

bulletin boards: old, need to be replaced; BC to meet with Jen Medeiros (Real Estate) to finalize the locations for new boards (25-30-none on ground floor), even in kitchenettes that haven’t been renovated yet (will be taken down and put back up after reno)

-IC to source new ones

new LEC contact list: distributed during meeting

business cards: need new ones for KT, IC, BC, VG, WW


  1. Designation of Director Portfolios:

Communications: webmaster of cmgtoronto.ca, communication to members (JF ? JF)

New Members: seeking out new members, new member meetings, sign CMG card, might deal with temps (TC ? TC)

Education/ Mobilization: outreach (eg. holiday breakfast), information tables, campaigns, special events (eg. Pride parade) (vacant ? IC)

Human Rights/ Equity/ Diversity: accessibility, equity issues (VG ? LC)


-job transformation: inactive (WW)

Health, Safety, and Wellness – includes chairing H&S committee (BC ? BC)


  1. New Business:

new contract ratification plans/workplace actions

callout for committee repopulation Jan.29., deadline of Feb. 15, decide in March, implement in April; LEC to encourage new people to join committees

-repopulated every term (2 years)

-KT and NR to work on logistics for repopulating committees


  • Motion to honour Tony Germin’s union contributions. LEC will send a letter of appreciation (written by NR) and give a gift certificate not exceeding $300 (in lieu of a retirement party).


Moved: BC

Seconded: WW

Passes unanimously


Motion to go into camera

Moved: WW

Seconded: BC (passes)

Motion to come out of camera

Moved: LS

Seconded: VG (passes)



  • Motion to grant a request from a member for a plea to be posted on cmgtoronto.ca website, CMG CBCTO facebook pages, and our CBCTO union bulletin boards.


Motioned: LS

Seconded: VG

Passes unanimously

MG & WW to meet with member to ascertain exact details of info to be shared.


  1. Meeting dates for 2019:

Wed. Feb 6, Fri. Mar. 1, Wed. April 3, Wed. May 1, Thurs. June 13 (aiming for first wednesday each month)


  1. New Business:

Workplace events for 2019:

-May Day (coffee and cookies)

-weekend brunch in May

-CMG BBQ – June 13

-Pride Parade (June 23, 2019)

-ice cream day (in August)

-Labour Day Parade (September)

-AGM in November

-Holiday party in December


Training initiatives for 2019:

-stewards training: plan for early April


  • Motion to pay for up to 15 members to attend stewards training in 2019


Moved: VG

Seconded: KJ

Passes unanimously

-retirement readiness: do 2 dates? In October and another time of year (May?)

-lunch and learns: PMSD in September, Know your collective agreement (April? May? June?) IC will consider best timing


Reports of Directors &  Chief Stewards:

Communications (JF): claims being denied for personal protective clothing, concerns over producers’ authority

New members (TC): in the past, has had new member meetings when there are 300 new members, LEC invited to drop in during the meetings. Temp committee: pre-meet Feb. 19th, with management Feb.22

Health, Safety and Wellness (BC): any building issues can be sent to BC; bathroom renovations in phase 4, we’ll lose mint green elevators (all 4) -will be reassigned to tenants soon, question re: fruit flies from green bins (lids being added), issues with housecleaning (which is separate from building maintenance) – send ticket to BGIS, iO blurb for scent guidelines (not a corporate policy), water testing in Toronto done recently as was air quality, drug and alcohol policy to be reviewed (to include use of pot)

SRC (SL): last meeting was in December. Among issues discussed: difficulty in filling vacant positions, job classification, scheduling and training. Next meeting is March 14.

Chief stewards (VG, KJ, LS): members concerned about job losses, members close to retirement being unnecessarily disciplined, interpersonal conflict due to workload/personal issues.


Moved to February meeting: Blue Sky/New Year’s Resolutions


Next Meeting:

Wed. Feb. 6, 2019


Motion to adjourn: LS

Moved: LC

Passes unanimously


Meeting ends at 5:35pm