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Statement to our members from your local Canadian Media Guild representatives at CBC in Toronto
•  Posted on  April 10, 2014  

It is with heavy hearts that we face more changes announced today by CBC management.

While we knew cuts were coming, we cannot escape the sense of sadness and shock that sets in once news like this is confirmed.

Many of us have seen lots of cuts over the years. And, each time the news is stressful and discouraging.

As your local union representatives, we want to remind you that we are here for you.

Like you, we are employees of the CBC, and we work here in Toronto alongside you.
We have been preparing for this, making sure you have someone to talk to, and also arranging to work with you to find answers.

You may have questions like:

– What does all this mean for me and my job?
– How can we make sure we’re all treated fairly while cuts are being made?
– How do we defend against ongoing pressures to do more with less?

Or you may have other questions and aren’t sure who to ask.

Your local Guild executive is here to help you & to work with you on finding answers. We’re committed to working together and developing effective responses.

We need viable strategies to defend the work we do on behalf of Canadians, to improve our working conditions, and to address the pressures that are increasingly placed on our members.

It’s in times like these that CMG members must stick together, show solidarity, and support one another. In solidarity we build strength.

Those of us who work here want this place to flourish, and we’ll continue to work together and to push to make sure that happens.

Dark clouds, or not, we are the people who hold the CBC together.

We work for Canadians, in the public interest, and we will always defend that work.